10 reasons to choose Movenium TimeTracker

Movenium TimeTracker’s precise hourly entries, real-time reporting, rapid money circulation and integration with other systems all minimise management tasks – and clearly save money.

Accurate and efficient reporting

More accurate and precise work time reporting making the daily operations of your company more efficient. With Movenium Time Tracker, it is easy to do post calculations, budgeting and follow up of projects. All the information that you collect from your employees can be easily printed out as pdf, csv or excel. This can easily be transferred to the relevant persons or departments including purchasing, payroll, accounts, project management, cost analysis, budget control, HR, health & safety, senior management and also to your clients allowing them to see the information they want, how they want it and when they want it.

Faster invoicing and payroll

Real time time management, all data is immediately available, for invoicing and payroll purposes. Money circulation is accelerated and the right data is transferred automatically to your other software that you may have integrated. Movenium Time Tracker solution also gives more visibility to your operations what is done / where and by whom.

Easy to use with all devices

Movenium Time Tracker is simple to use, you can access the solution whenever and where ever you are. Any device with an internet connection will be compatible, including PC, Tablet or mobile phone. You don’t need a smart phone to be able to use our solution, as long as you have device with a browser. You will not have to invest in new expensive software and hardware.

Flexible and easily self-customised for your companies need

Movenium Time Tracker can be easily customised for your company needs. It can be integrated to most of the other softwares and solutions, which your company may use. You can easily modify your own Movenium Time Tracker and collect the information that is crucial to your business. With Movenium Time Tracker you can add additional fields, re-naming the fields to your requirements so your staff, sub-contractors or agency staff know which information to enter. They are able to attach photographs to send instantly back to the office and this facility can be used for a number of reasons. Your company can set up its own users and define the levels of access for each user.

The reports can also be self-customised by your company and check lists and messages can be inserted to ensure staff, agency or subcontractors carry out certain duties such as risk assessment etc. You can manage teams, projects, partners even your subcontractors with our solution. You can also, if you want, give your own clients real time viewing rights, which will make their project more visible.

Cloud based solution

Due to our real-time cloud service, you can stay on top of things regarding the status of your projects at all times. By means of the stamping device and GPS localisation, you obtain work time information immediately and you can see who’s on the worksite.


Movenium Time Tracker can be integrated to most of the other software that you may currently use. To find out if it is possible to integrate, we only need the interface description as the majority of the software or solutions that your company uses. With our current uses we already know that this is possibly with most of the frequently used software

Pay only for actual use

You always pay for Movenium TimeTracker only based on actual use. You automatically get discounts on user fees when you have more than 25 users. There’s no need to commit yourself to long-term contracts: rather, you can use the system for as long as you wish. Updates and new features are included in our rates.

Secure Cloud Service

Our service is SSL-secure and all data is stored on safeguarded servers in Finland, with limited access to only three named persons. Due to saving your data to the cloud, users will be able to access and save to your database from anywhere in the world. It is impossible for permanent destruction of data, even if someone was to accidently delete your whole database, we will be able to retrieve the data that is saved and stored to our cloud and can be easily recovered, without any extra cost.

Know exactly where your employees are

Accurate time management means you have real time visibility, so you know exactly where you staff members are, who is working, who is absent and which project they are working on. This facility also acts as a health and safety feature, so you instantly know which members of staff/subcontractors are on site and where your off site staff are at all times.