Saving you time, is saving you money

In business, we often don’t have enough resources to use, time being the most valuable. Movenium Time Tracker offers your business the ability to have real-time hourly entries, reporting, faster money circulation and can be integrated to most of the other softwares. Our aim is to minimise all administration tasks – and clearly save money.


Movenium Time Tracker offers a precise, efficient, real time tracking solution, ensuring reporting and operations run more smoothly.
A safe and comprehensive work time tracking system, which can be designed and adapted completely in line with how your company operates.
The training we offer will allow your business the ability to self-customise your Movenium solution to meet your companies requirements and needs.


Movenium Time Tracker offers the hours entered by your team or workforce to be immediately available to any person or department within your business, such as HR, Accounts, Payroll, Managers or even clients. This process eliminates the need for paper work, timesheets, which will limit the possibilities of paperwork being lost, being late, inaccurate, damaged or illegible. Due to the process being real time, this will assist in speeding up the process for payroll and invoicing.


Movenium Time Tracker can be used whenever or wherever you are by using any PC, Tablet or Mobile phone, as long as the device has an internet connection. You don’t need a smart phone to be able to use our solution, as long as you have device with a browser and internet connection. Therefore you do not have to invest in new software and hardware.

Time tracking how you want

Movenium Time Tracker has been designed so that it is quick and easy for employees and/or sub-contractors to use. Our solution is easily modified, by you for your business needs and requirements. Simpler and quicker than filling out manual time sheets, and with the ability to self-customise you have the control to choose and collect which data or information you need from your employees, as each project progresses.

Not only can you track the working hours, you can collect as much or as little information regarding each of your projects as you require. You can also use certain NFC mobile phones or tablets as simple logging in or stamping devices for each of your employees to use on site. You also have the flexibility to set up your companies own users and to select, which data you make visible to each user.

Real-time cloud service
Modified to your needs
Faster invoicing and payroll
Precise reporting
Easy to use
Works with any device
Pay for actual use

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40 000 users in 1 400 companies

We are more than confident that we have designed and created the perfect web based solution to suit almost every industry. Movenium Time Tracker has more than 10 years experience and is currently being used by more than 40,000 users at the moment covering Finland and Sweden.

We do offer:

  • Free Trial
  • A cost effective, self-customised, real time, professional Time Tracking Solution
  • We invoice monthly in arrears
  • You only pay for active users for the previous month, on a month by month contract

Benefits for choosing Movenium Time Tracker

  • No start up fees or hidden cost
  • No lengthy 12- 24 monthly contracts
  • No credit card details requireds
  • No additional hardware purchase needed
  • No software purchase needed
  • No upgrade costs for latest versions

Contact our sales team directly on +44 16355 98021 or by email and ask for a personal service presentation.