Saving time is saving money

In business, many resources can be scarce – particularly time. Movenium TimeTracker’s precise hourly entries, real-time reporting, rapid money circulation and integration with other systems all minimise management tasks – and clearly save money! Use of the program is charged only in accordance with the actual total number of users. There’s also no start-up fee for the service – and no obligation to commit to long contracts.


More precise hour entries and real-time reporting make operations more efficient. A safe and comprehensive work time tracking system can be adapted completely in line with how your business enterprise operates.


The hours entered by employees are immediately available for invoicing and payroll purposes. Money circulation is accelerated, and the right data is transferred automatically for bookkeeping requirements.


Movenium TimeTracker functions wherever and whenever you like – and on any device with an Internet connection, including older phones. There’s no need to invest in new equipment or software.

Time tracking the way you want

Your personnel will also like using Movenium TimeTracker. The form, which is modified to the needs and requirements of your company, is quick and easy to complete on any mobile phone with an Internet browser. Hours can also be tracked with a simple stamping device that can be transferred from one worksite to another. It operates with a smart card or a key chain tag.
Real-time cloud service
Modified to your needs
Faster invoicing and payroll
Precise reporting
Easy to use
Works with any device
Pay for actual use

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25 000 users in 800 companies

We’ve already provided better timing for our customers for ten years. Our work time tracking systems are used mainly in the construction sector, but also in many other fields. Our customer service is a matter of pride.

Without Movenium, we would not be able to manage the personnel and contract reports required by the Tax Authority Jorma Ankerman, TKS-Nord Rakentajat Oy
Cost control is conveniently transferred to new work sites and online management is easy Ari Moilanen, LTR Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy
The work of the payroll clerk is facilitated by the fact that data is always up-to-date and available regardless of location Helena Pärhä, Pärhä Oy
Movenium’s Work Time Tracking deployment was really simple Petri Saarimaa, Huittisten Ryhmärakentajat Oy
Due to Movenium, management of work sites is easier – and invoicing has been visibly accelerated Kari Huttunen, Maalausliike J.Halme Oy
The system makes time management at the office and on worksites more efficient, and makes organising contracting easier Jouni Heinonen, Espoon LVI-tekniikka Oy
With Movenium, it’s easy for us to handle introductions as well as tax reports and reports to the Regional State Administrative Agency Jari Kivelä, Kenno- Rakenne Oy
The entire chain of work time tracking is logical and simple, all the way from reporting to invoicing Kaisa Posti, HV-Maarakennus Oy